CongresOEC Без рубрики MP3: Cresyn: Sooflashy – Anya Nazu Ft. Ifex G

MP3: Cresyn: Sooflashy – Anya Nazu Ft. Ifex G

Sooflashy – Anya Nazu Ft. Ifex G

Sooflashy, an award-wining music artist and songwriter who came through with another wonderful and dazzling hit titled  Anya Nazu featuring Ifex G. This track was made public by this artist in 2023 and was disclosed for the listening enjoyment of his fans world wide.


  • Writer:                  Bosslady
  • Artist(s):               Sooflashy  Ft. Ifex G
  • Track Title:           Anya Nazu
  • Released Date:   2023
  • Category:            Music
  • File Type:           Audio

Now, it is indubitably confirm that this wonderful tune was carefully composed and delivered by the artist compared to other songs by the artist, and it is now making so much waves all over the world.

The artist was quite excited to inform the fans about this new drop on Twitter and other social media platforms earlier this weekend and you can stream it in all the music platforms.

This song  Anya Nazu will unquestionably be a joy to your ears and melt hearts, the song is already bombing on popular streaming platforms including Audiomack, Youtube music and Apple music.
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Listen below;


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