CongresOEC Без рубрики MP3: Anuttara – Kannada Full HD Movie | Directed by Nidasale Puttaswamaiah | Starring Ghargee Karehaklu

MP3: Anuttara – Kannada Full HD Movie | Directed by Nidasale Puttaswamaiah | Starring Ghargee Karehaklu

Anuttara ಅನುತ್ತರ – Kannada Full HD Movie

Anuttara ಅನುತ್ತರ – Kannada Full HD Movie


Anuttara is a Kannada full HD movie directed by Nidasale Puttaswamaiah. The movie features Ghargee Karehaklu in the lead role and has received positive reviews for its storytelling and powerful performances.

Plot Summary

Anuttara follows the story of a young woman who is struggling to break free from the constraints of her traditional upbringing. She must navigate the expectations and limitations placed upon her by society and her family, all while pursuing her dreams and aspirations.

Main Cast and Crew

  • Nidasale Puttaswamaiah – Director
  • Ghargee Karehaklu – Lead Actress
  • [Other cast and crew members]

Themes and Motifs

Anuttara explores themes of female empowerment, mental health, and breaking societal norms. The film delves into the complexities of women’s experiences and the challenges they face in a patriarchal society.

Reception and Awards

Upon its release, Anuttara garnered critical acclaim for its compelling narrative and stellar performances. It has also received several awards and nominations, including Best Film and Best Actress accolades.

Impact on Kannada Cinema

Anuttara has been praised for its contribution to Kannada cinema, as it brings to the forefront important social issues and provides a platform for female voices in the industry.

Soundtrack and Cinematography

  • The film’s soundtrack features haunting melodies and lyrical compositions that enhance the emotional depth of the story.
  • The cinematography captures the beauty and realism of the film’s settings, adding to its visual appeal.


In conclusion, Anuttara is a must-watch Kannada film that challenges conventions and shines a light on important societal issues. Its impactful storytelling and compelling performances make it a standout in contemporary Kannada cinema.

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